The Person and The Plan

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One cannot expect to have a successful career transition without both of these elements.  When I use the word person, I am talking about clarity, preparation and skill development.  Clarity is about knowing what you want.  Preparation is about your resume, company research and interview research.  Clarity is also about having an exceptionally strong mind, which means telling yourself the right stuff.  A person who has worked on his/her person does all this work continually.

The plan is about the company list, the network, the calendar of meetings, the process you go through before each meeting and after each meeting and the execution of the plan.  The plan allows you to have a choice between fear and faith.  If you have a plan, you put your faith in your plan and evaluate it every 90 days or so, without the plan you just kinda go.

The person and the plan go hand in hand.  What are you doing to develop your personness (not a word) and your plan?