You Are Leaving…Now What?

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Deep down in very entrails of your soul you know it is time to transition and leave the place that you have worked for months, years or even decades.  You know what I am talking about…It is called the still small voice of your soul that beckons you to make a change.

My friends did you know that there are three phases or parts to this natural phenomenon?  The first phase is called private departure.  In the private departure phase, you are the ONLY one who knows you are leaving.  The voice is loud inside and quiet on the outside.  Your tactic here is to move into some serious retrospection and answer the question: What do I want to do next?

The second phase is called the inner circle departure phase.  This is the phase that takes you out of retrospection and into extraspection (not a word) and invites others to participate in the process of departure with you.  Keep in mind that you are telling the story to your close circle and be ready for questions to explore.  Safety is key here.

The last phase is called the full circle departure phase.  (Real creative right?) In this phase, you start telling everyone that you are leaving.  You had better rehearse what you are going to tell everyone though or it will feel real strange and will not feel strong.

Three phases, three lengths of time, many emotions and yet in each phase you need a plan to navigate to the next phase.

How do you navigate those phases?