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I think it is helpful to obtain feedback from friends during a time of exploration. Yesterday, I was able to have lunch with a great friend and former colleague. I just asked the question “When have you seen me come alive, in flow or full of engagement in my work?” Here is what he shared with me:

* I have seen you at your best when you are 1:1 and are able to help others get unstuck in their lives, work or anything else.
* It really does not matter if you are doing IT consulting, ministry or selling insurance you are helping others get from point A to point B
* You seem to do well when you are able to have an engagement with someone that is not defined as forever. 6 – 8 weeks of engagement is strong for you due to your short attention span.
* The Detroit Pistons had a player named Vinny Johnson. He would come in for short periods and provide great energy then sit down. Same thing for you.
I then shared that what I have seen during these interviews is that many people who are considered “caused” have a personal experience or happening that brought them to their cause.
I think this is what I am looking for a sense of sincerity about my work that comes from my own life story. Not someone else’s story or cause.
Current emotional state today: encouraged, hopeful, not stuck. As an ISFJ, I long for closure on this. I have roughly 72 days until this project is over.