Transition Thoughts

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Today I was able to process some of the emotional realities of a career transition:

* It is real that you are really in three places at once: your current job, your present feeling of being in the job and out of the job, and finding the future opportunity.
* It is real that this is tiring.  You are meeting new people to help you find the new opportunity, while doing your current position.  That is a great deal to manage.
* It is real that it takes energy to stay very positive during this process.  I am constantly saying to myself that my preferred reality is close at hand and within reach.  I am imaging myself in the new reality daily.
* It is real that when I am about to meet a potential hire, I can sometimes get ahead of myself and think that I am there to get a job.  I am there to be there with that person, not get a job.  That could come if synergy is created and mutual benefit found.

Exciting times for sure and tiring.