What drives you?

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I have always been fascinated by individuals who have great drive and motivation toward a cause, purpose or mission.  I think as human beings we are just naturally drawn to people with confidence and purpose.  That is not an overly profound statement, but look at the opposite.  Are you drawn to spend time with individuals who are negative?  What if you favorite sports team is losing?  Sure you will stay with them, but it could be rather painful to watch them week after week. 

What drives people to greatness?  Or said another way what is it that truly motivates human beings each and every day to head off to work and put in 10 hours a day? It could be fear, the boss, the paycheck, a mission, the people you work with, your children, or it could be your parents.

When Dan Pink released his latest book “Drive” I was immediately captured by the title.  It fits so perfectly with this bit of my current journey.  Just to give you a sneak peak, Pink suggests that intrinsic motivation is critical to sustainable success over time.  The traditional extrinsic motivators could actually cause great harm and will not produce the results we want in our lives or businesses. 

Stay tuned for further posts about the subject of drive…