Warning Signs Of Derailment

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Last week, I had my moment.  It was a Thursday evening and I was gathering the groceries from the car.  Suddenly, I realized that we had not cleaned the groceries per CDC standards.  This created an anxious moment.  I started to vent with my family – no yelling just elevated intensity.  This was a warning sign that I was at risk of derailing.

Here is your Pandemic Derailment Checklist:

1.) Surprise Lash Out:  If you lash out at your family or your employees, this is an obvious sign that you need to step back and recharge.  It is a sign that the trauma of the pandemic and the stress of the last 30 have gotten to you.  Response:  Take a 15 minute walk outside.  Breathe in for 10 seconds and breathe out for 10 seconds.  Notice the moment you are in right now.  Long Term Solution:  Read – “Emotional Chaos To Clarity” by Phillip Moffitt.

2.) Sleep Is Low:  Take the test below to see how you are doing –

1.Do you sleep at least 7 hours most nights? Y / N
2.Do you get up at the same time every a.m.? Y / N
3.Do you exercise 45 minutes per day? Y / N
4.Do you eat supper at least 3 hours before bed? Y / N
5.Do you fall asleep within 20 minutes? Y / N
6.If you wake in the middle of the night do you return to sleep quickly? Y / N
7.If you nap, is it for less than 45 minutes? Y / N
8.If you don’t sleep well, have you reduced your consumption of caffeine and alcohol? Y / N
If you answered NO to at least half of these, then it is time to make some changes.
Here is my 30 Day Plan For Better Sleep
1. Write Down Your To-Do List Before Bed – Expand on the list by writing down your accomplishments too.
2. Screens Off 1 Hour Prior To Bed
3. Same Time Asleep – Same Time Awake
4. Avoid Late Night Alcohol Consumption
5. 2 Hours Prior To Bed Dim Lights In The Home
6. Focus On The Present Moment Before Drifting Off – “I am here in the bed focused on sleep.  I will address tomorrow when tomorrow comes.”
3. Rumination High and Reflection Low:  Rumination is the brain’s way of staying in anxious brain and dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.  Reflection is about learning, by answering thoughtful questions such as – what am I learning? what would I change? What is the potential here?
These are the warning signs I am talking to my clients about to ensure that they are leading self well to lead others even better.  Your team deserves your best now.  The opportunity to regulate yourself now is yours for the taking.