Waving the Magic Wand Part II

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My daughter loves Harry Potter, so I dedicate this entry to her.  Would it not be great to be able to say the magic words and “poof” out comes your ideal job?  A pretty unrealistic idea or picture I am sure, but what if you do not take the time to articulate what you want? I think you create greater risk for yourself by not taking the time to create the picture.  

I call this exercise the Waving the Magic Wand.  If I could wave the magic wand my ideal picture would have the following components:
1. My work that is about a cause that comes from my story and connected to my values. (Passion, Achievement, Empathy and Compassion)
2. I would be 1:1 for the majority of my day and meeting new people along the way.
3. I am creating my own content 
4. I have a strong sense of my own value and deliver that value regularly
5. I am able to measure my accomplishments and live in the tension of measurable and immeasurable accomplishments
6. Those I work with reach their goals and make progress toward their ideal future
7. Obviously I am getting paid for the work I do
8. I have great flexibility in my work and I am able to manage my own schedule
What about you?