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Have you documented your greatest and proudest achievements?  I value achievement because there is nothing like finding yourself fully immersed in your work and seeing results that are fabulous!

I felt engaged, empowered, passionate, strong and clear during the last six weeks.  I set out on a project and cause that was my own.  It was a great success in so many ways.  I want to recreate the following components more often in my life:

  • It was a cause that was from my own personal story
  • It was a project that came from my own personal vision. It was my own vision and it aligned with a greater cause
  • It was about a group of people coming together and feeling like they are a part of something significant
  • It was something that I had ownership over and the results are fabulous
  • I did not really care about the results as much as I cared about being present in the moment of the work knowing I had given it my heart and soul
  • I expected it to go well
  • I really did not fear failure because it was an experiment and a learning experience
The moral of the story for me is that I long to find work that provides an income, is collaborative and has a cause that comes from my story.  In other words, it is real to me.