What’s your style?

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Some leaders lead by example, others by strong dictatorial style and others by a supportive approach.  I would say I spend most of my time with my support “hat” on in an attempt to be helpful to others.  This does not always work and in fact, many times people just do not want that.  They want to be directed and need someone to make the decision.  Said another way create the vision, make the tough decision and create the picture for the future.

I have been applying this supportive skill to every situation.  It may not call for it.  Our friends at the Leadership Challenge would say that there are five methods or a five factor model in leadership.  Leaders need to have skill or be able to pull from all five.

1. Model The Way
2. Inspire A Shared Vision
3. Challenge The Process
4. Enable Others To Act
5. Encourage The Heart

Today I learned that I can grow in number 2 and 3.  I tried it today.  I felt the muscle strengthen in a couple of meetings today.

What about you? What is your default? Where can you improve?