Why is Joe Great At Leadership?

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Joe is not so average.  Joe is credible. Joe listens to others.  Joe is accessible.  Joe’s communication includes the words of those that are following him.  Joe does not sit atop his perch shooting out orders.  Joe does not take himself too seriously.  Joe is able to laugh at himself.  Joe has a vision for where he wants to go.  Joe’s people can call him any time of day and Joe will answer.  Joe came into a leadership position and followed a person that was really struggling.

What does this tell us? Yes, it is hard to be the leader because leading takes guts.  We sometimes make it very difficult because we fail to engage in the conversation with people and find out what it is others need. Once the leader hears what others need being decisive is helpful and expected.  Leadership is about being yourself and managing yourself.

I learned about Joe yesterday during an invigorating discussion with three bankers.  Joe is their boss.  Joe inspires this team.

Joe ain’t so average.  I learned a bunch about leadership from Joe and I have never met him.  His people told me all I needed to know because the team is thriving.   How would your people describe you when you are out of the room?