Crisis Leadership

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Webster’s would define a crisis as, “A time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger.” We all respond differently to those times when there is great difficultly, trouble or danger.  Some of us would hide, while others seize the moment and try to create clarity for others.  Look at history and you see times where leaders would come to the table and create clarity for others during a challenging time.

For me, I would rather engage with people.  After all, they are the ones that will have navigate through the difficulty or danger and make something positive happen.  Here are a few suggestions as you deal with a potential crisis in your work or life:

* Run toward the issues vs. running from the issues
* Re-state the vision for the future vs. questioning the vision for the future
* Help those that want to run from the crisis find their way to engage in the midst of the crisis
* Be careful to blame others for the crisis. Make the problem a group problem to solve.

A leader finds a way in the midst of crisis to build stronger relationships and re-align others to the compelling vision.