Career of Great Cause

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As I shared in a previous post, I went through a career crisis back in 2009, which continued until 2012.  I had achieved success in my work and found myself devastated because I was not happy in my work.  I asked myself the question “Is this what it is like to reach my goals and make this kind of money?” I had found myself in a ditch.

How about you? You have heard that voice before I am sure.  It is the voice that tells you to begin to explore, consider or move toward some change in your career / life.  Sometimes the voice is loud and sometimes it is very quiet and more like a nagging.

This is why I worked to create this guide for you, which hopefully will help create some clarity regarding your Career of Great Cause.   I would encourage you to submit your email address, download the guide and tell me how it goes.

One of the other reasons why I am pushing this so hard, is due to the fact that America needs to have hope restored.  Simply showing up and punching the clock waiting for that pension check or paycheck is not sustainable for this economy. Engagement is at an all time low.  I would like it to grow to an all time high.   This country is full of creative, bright, energetic, passionate and courageous people.  When fear and the need for security takes over, all of these great characteristics are trumped.

I look forward to hearing from you.