Why People Leave Their Job

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Why do people leave their job? Is it money, role, disinterest, general boredom, bad break room, poor working conditions, bullying, poor break room snacks or desire for a better weather climate?  It really boils down to three main areas:

1. Boredom: You have hit a ceiling, reached your goals and need another challenge.  Kathy Caprino discussed this in a recent blog post. You are just bored and it is time to push toward the next opportunity.  Maslow hits on this in his hierarchy of needs stating that people have a great longing to self-actualize.  This is about finding your Career Of Great Cause.  At some point in your life you will need to take a stand and push forward. (See Seth’s Blog) on this topic.

2. Relationship Turmoil:  As humans we are designed to live in relationship, yet when we get into relationships we find that it is easier to have the desire for relationships than having success in developing a strong relationship.  I used the word relationship too much here. Get it!

Hogan research suggests that a bad boss is a huge reason why people leave their jobs and why they are disengaged at work.   You need to understand the behaviors that may hinder your ability to develop exceptional relationships and have a high performing team.

3. Lack of Purpose:  A big reason why people leave their job is because they do not feel connected to the work. When I say connected, I mean that the work is meaningful to them. They either have not figured this out for themselves or their leader has not shared the vision of how their work impacts lives, businesses and communities.   This has huge economic and social implications.  Business that survive 10 – 15 – 20 years from now will be the ones that connect their business to solving a societal issue.  This is inspirational!

See the Gallup Research regarding engagement below. (The Average Column)

Why did you leave your last job? Reply with a comment and let me know if I am on track here.