The Impasse

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Defined as the predicament with no possible out or escape.  A personal impasse in my mind is that feeling of I am stuck, unclear and downright frustrated.  You keep trying to gain clarity for yourself and yet you still feel that sense of impasse.

The last 90-120 days have been that for me in many ways.   I have allowed the externalities of life and work to make things hazy for me.  The picture above sorta describes how I have felt.  The picture evokes several emotions for me.

However, there have been some great learnings during this time of the personal impasse.  I thought I would share a few of my learnings:

* Stay clear on “You.” In other words, go with who you are it is the best thing you can bring to life and work
* The cause is right in front of you each day.  Start there and build from there.
* Uncertainty creates anxiety, yet it also will result in passion, creativity and clarity if you can sit in it and let it do its work

How about your impasse learnings?