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Reflections for me is about looking back on progress, growth and ways to improve.  Reflections for me usually take place in the morning when it is quiet and there is a freshness to life.  The month of May and early June has been full of some exceptional new opportunities.  The experiences have been everything from new presentations, new relationships, new partnerships and certainly new risks.

As I review progress, I am certainly encouraged and yet I continually go back to a vision in my mind about what I want to see achieved with Open Pivot.  I shared some of this in my previous post.  I want to see people inspired, flourishing and seeing results.

On Monday, I completed a training session with 10 employees as they learned to become commercial HVAC experts.  By the way, I know nothing about HVAC, other than the fact I want it to work in my house and I know how to control the thermostat.  I taught them an organizational system called “5s” which is common in construction and manufacturing.  A great tool by the way!

All of them approached this training as a fresh start in their career.  I wish you could have been there because I left feeling incredibly inspired.

During the introduction phase of the session, I asked each of them the question “Why are you here?” All 10 of them said something like “I want to start a new career and make something for myself.” There were two individuals that shared that they wanted to learn this trade so they could “Pass it on” to someone new next year.  All of them really cared about making a difference.

In actuality, each of these individuals shared their vision for the future.  Their vision was to provide a better life for themselves, their business and their customers.

What is your answer to “Why are you here?” I would imagine it is pretty inspiring.  Reflection is the worth the time as you contemplate your progress, while enjoying the present. Reflection also allows you to push toward that exceptional future that you are creating as a leader.

I will post some pictures on my Facebook page in the coming days.